Improved Course Stats now available with Disc Golf Metrix

One of the all new things brought to the disc golf scene in 2016 by the Disc Golf World Tour is the Disc Golf Metrix statistics system. Developed in cooperation of the widely appreciated Estonian-based skoorin tournament scoring platform, the Disc Golf Metrix is designed to enable in-depth analysis of how our top players stay on top and what are their strongpoints. For the average disc golf fan, the Metrix system offers whole bunch of interesting information about every round of every player on tour. And frankly, the stats are fun!

KJ Nybo's player stats. Access the player profiles here!

KJ Nybo’s player stats. Access the player profiles here!

As gathering stats aside from the scores is new to disc golf, it was important for us not to bite off more than we can chew straight off the bat. Quoting the DGWT director Jussi Meresmaa from an article by AllThingsDiscGolf after the tour start at La Mirada: “We wanted to roll out just a few stats for our first season. There are more to come, but for now we concentrate to polish this current level. We also need time to get people used to Metrix. There are really exciting things in the works that I cannot talk at the moment.”

Just added: Advanced Course Statistics

Konopiste Open Course statistics. Find out more here!

Konopiste Open Course statistics. Find out more here!

One of these new developments is rolling out already this week at the European Open: Advanced Course Statistics. On the bottom of our live scoring page, you’ll find live course statistics for per round and for the event as a whole. Additionally, from the live statistics page you’ll find a new tab: course statistics. This way you can follow not only how the players are performing on the course, but also how the course plays against the competition – which holes are the most difficult ones to birdie and which holes produce the most scores under par.

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While some features of the live scoring and Metrix platform are visible to all visitors of the DGWT site, our registered followers get treated by the full package of Metrix data, free of charge. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend creating your follower account today to access the live stats from EO2016 as well as the leaderboards, course and player specific stats from past events. We’re even raffling a brand new Grip EQ DGWT Bag among our followers after the European Open, and all you have to do to enter the raffle is to create your account!

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