Aussie Open Media Review

The first Disc Golf World Tour event / PDGA Major of the year is officially in the books and what a show we got to enjoy! While the somewhat isolated location of the Mundaring DiscGolfPark by the Perth Hills in Western Australia didn’t draw massive galleries like we’ve used to see in events like the European Open, the online audience following the event video coverage was bigger than ever.

Looking at the view counts of our Aussie Open feature- and lead card coverage for the first week and comparing those numbers to similar coverage from our other events from 2016, the Aussie Open clearly takes the cake. This time, instead of daily wrap up shows from each tournament day, we decided to put our efforts behind quick turnaround times for the play-by-play videos. Looking at the numbers, this seemed to be a good move and we also received a lot of positive feedback for this new workflow.


Stats for Youtube video views 7 days after the release per event. Click the picture to view the full version.

The fact that Western Australia is sits up to 16 hours ahead of the regions we get most of ours views from also helped get those view counts up – in some cases we were able to get the videos released well within the same day as the action took place Down Under. The Aussie Open being the season starting event most certainly did not decrease our viewership either 🙂

We are also happy to see that the Fan-voted Feature Card gauged great interest from our viewers – somewhat surprisingly the feature card videos were the ones to get the most views within the first 7 days from the release. Most likely the 2nd round coverage, also known as #BIRDIEFEST2017 and the epic race to finish will surpass the feature card view counts over time.

Video: Top 5 shots of the 2017 Aussie Open. Find the links to the round coverage videos at the end of the article.

So, what to draw from all this? It was a hot and sweaty week in Western Australia and both the Jomez Productions crew, our commentators and the SpinTV crew clocked in long days to get the footage out as fast as possible. For this event we used a total of 6 different commentators on our videos – more than ever before within a single event. Based on the initial reaction, we’re happy to see that top level disc golf interests more people than ever before. And with the level we see our top athletes performing out there, we bet the interest will only increase over the 2017 season.

Watch the videos!

Feature Card Round 1 Front 9 ->
Feature Card Round 1 Back 9 ->
Lead Card Round 2 Front 9 ->
Lead Card Round 2 Back 9 ->
Lead Card Round 3 Front 9 ->
Lead Card Round 3 Back 9 ->
Lead Card Final Round Front 9 ->
Lead Card Final Round Back 9 ->

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