Q&A for Disc Golf World Tour

1) What is Disc Golf World Tour?

The Disc Golf World Tour (DGWT) is a series of professionally run Disc Golf competitions around the World. The DGWT will showcase the best players, the most exciting courses, and the most prestigious events in one global pro tour. DGWT is owned and operated by Spin18 Ltd.

2) Who is Spin18?

Spin18 Ltd. is the premiere Global Disc Golf event and media Producer. Spin18 Ltd. businesses include IP-rights, event management, media production, licensing, strategic partnerships with sponsors and brands, joint ventures, start-ups, and R&D for our clients. Spin18 Ltd. is run by former professional disc golfer Jussi Meresmaa.

3) What is the vision of the DGWT?

Please check the Vision & Mission page.

4) What are the directives of the DGWT?

Please check the Vision & Mission page.

5) How do players qualify for the Disc Golf World Tour events in 2016?

Please check the Qualification page.

6) How many divisions there are?

The 2016 DGWT featured exclusively “Open” tournaments. All players regardless of age or gender are eligible to earn qualifying points, and once qualified, compete in DGWT events.

In 2017 DGWT expanded to offer other divisions in the DGWT events but the tour championship was exclusively open division event.

7) Do I get PDGA points and ratings from the Disc Golf World Tour events?

Yes. DGWT events are sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association.

8) What rules are used in the Disc Golf World Tour events?

Even if not being a sanctioned PDGA event, the DGWT will abide by the PDGA official rules of disc golf. The PDGA Competition Manual for disc golf events will be in effect with some possible alterations. The rules of disc golf as defined by the PDGA will also be the rules governing play at DGWT events. The DGWT will also follow guidelines outlined in the competition manual, but reserves the right to modify those guidelines as necessary. Any exceptions or changes will be made known to the players, media, and spectators in advance of the event affected by any changes made.

9) How is this different from the PDGA National Tour?

The PDGA National Tour is an event series that focuses specifically on competitions within the United States. Disc Golf has grown significantly in many areas of the world, and the goal of the DGWT is to create a tour series that serves a global demographic. The DGWT will feature events in Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, and the United States in 2016 alone with contacts in place to host competitions in multiple countries across 3 continents by 2017.

10) I’m an unaffiliated media outlet that wants to come to Disc Golf World Tour event to film. How can I get footage from your event and how can I use it?

Spin18, the host broadcaster, holds all the media rights. Other parties are welcome to cover the events to some extent.

11) How can I get my event into Disc Golf World Tour?

At this point in time the DGWT is not looking to add any more events to its schedule.

12) How will I be able to follow DGWT events?

All DGWT events will have upgraded event productions where we are focusing on the fans. People will be able to follow all DGWT events through the internet and/or local and national TV stations. Unprecedented professional media coverage is a top priority of the DGWT. Each event will be painstakingly planned and executed to give the viewers the best experience. Please check Follow page for specifics on how you can follow each event. Please note that information may not be available until closer to the event day, and we will actively keep our page updated with our schedule of broadcasts.

13) I know of a potential partner for DGWT – What can I do?

If you represent or have a partner in your mind that could be a good fit to DGWT let us know. The DGWT will give compensation for information that leads to new partnerships or cooperations. Please contact Jussi Meresmaa at jussi.meresmaa@spin18.com for more information.

14) Where can I learn more about the DGWT?

More information about the DGWT can be found on our website www.discgolfworldtour.com, the DGWT Facebook page, or you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

15) What about 2018 Disc Golf World Tour?

After two years of running the tour, the Disc Golf World Tour management has made the decision to take the 2018 season off and not organize any DGWT events during that time. DGWT will concentrate its efforts in reaching major outside-the-sport partnerships to enable launching a bigger and better tour in 2019. More info available in an article published in November 2017.