Disc Golf World Tour rules


Disc Golf World Tour works in close cooperation with the PDGA – a governing body of professional Disc Golf. DGWT events are mainly sanctioned as PDGA Majors or A- / XA-tier events.

Even if not being a sanctioned PDGA event, the DGWT will abide by the PDGA official rules of disc golf. The PDGA Competition Manual for disc golf events will be in effect with some possible alterations. The rules of disc golf as defined by the PDGA will also be the rules governing play at DGWT events. The DGWT will also follow guidelines outlined in the competition manual, but reserves the right to modify those guidelines as necessary. Any exceptions or changes will be made known to the players, media, and spectators in advance of the event affected by any changes made.

One example of these rules exceptions are the advanced scoring responsibilities of players in a DGWT event. (An advanced scoring system will be used in all DGWT events. Players will be provided ample instructions and training for the new system.)

Attending a DGWT event requires a passed PDGA Official’s Exam. PDGA Major rules on Dress Code and Non-smoking policies are in effect in all DGWT events.

Player Waiver

To compete in a DGWT event a player must sign a DGWT Player Waiver. DGWT event registrants will receive a copy of the waiver well before the event, but after they have registered to an event.

Media Policies

All DGWT events have specified Media Policies. Media Policies are announced on Media / Player Pages on the DGWT website closer to the event(s).

Entry fees/Purses/Winning Shares

Event Aussie Open Konopiste Open European Open USDGC
Category WT1 (Major) WT2 (XA-Tier) WT1 (Major) WTC (Major)
Entry fee ($) 200 150 200 300
Field size 144 144 144 100
Purse ($)* 36000 24600 36000 50000
Winning share 5000 3000 5000 10000
Payout % 33 25 33 40

*Purse with a full field of players.

Disc Golf World Tour Rankings

DGWT Qualification Ranking, or just DGWT Ranking, is the primary way to get into the future DGWT events. In 2017 and 2018, the phase 1 of most DGWT events was reserved for the top 100 DGWT Ranked players. Players can earn DGWT Qualification Ranking points by performing well in selected international events. Check the Points system page for full list of events and their specific points.

Disc Golf World Tour Points and Champion

Players attending the DGWT events can earn DGWT Points. Players participating in the MPO division in DGWT events are awarded points based on their performance. Player with the most accumulated DGWT points after the Championship event will be crowned as the tour Champion. In case of a tie in the end of the season the player with most 1st place finishes in DGWT events wins. DGWT season winner will be awarded at the Championship event and will receive the Tour Champion trophy.