Disc Golf World Tour Announcement

Disc Golf World Tour will not return to the pro disc golf circuit in 2019. Even though the landscape of professional disc golf is bigger and better than ever, DGWT Management did not reach enough outside-the-sport interest to re-launch the tour.


Disc Golf World Tour to Take the Season 2018 Off

Disc Golf World Tour’s (DGWT) vision is to be the premier global disc golf promotion effort by offering the highest caliber events and widest media exposure. One of DGWT’s main goals is to establish disc golf as a recognized sport around the world through creating innovative opportunities for commer...


USDGC 2017 Media Reach

The United States Disc Golf Championship – or USDGC in short – served also as the Disc Golf World Tour Championship event and finished the season with style! We have a new USDG Champion in Nate Sexton while the DGWT Champion title was won by Ricky Wysocki for the second year in a row. Co...


USDGC 2017 Feedback

What did you think of the USDGC 2017? Tell us! We want to hear what the players, staff, and spectators thought of the season 2017 Disc Golf World Tour final event. You can voice your opinion through a feedback survey that only takes a couple minutes of your time.


VIDEO: USDGC 2017 Lead Card Final Round Back 9

We know you’ve been waiting for this! Here’s the conclusion 9 of our Championship Saturday lead card coverage with Nate Sexton, Ricky Wysocki, Philo Brathwaite and Jeremy Koling. Commentary by Nate Sexton & Jeremy Koling