Disc Golf World Tour Website Updated

Disc Golf World Tour website was updated this week. The most remarkable change is that the Disc Golf Metrix data was relieved and it is now available for all users. There’s no need to log in to view the full stats players’ performances any more!


European Open 2017 Waiting List

European Open waiting list is now open for registrations. The waiting list registration takes place at he same location as all Disc Golf World Tour registration activity – at the Disc Golf United.


European Open 2017 Registration Update

The phase 3 of European Open registration started on Monday April 10th and the event filled up quite quickly. Due to technical error in the registration system waiting list registration was not possible. Because of this we decided to take a timeout and give everyone a fair chance to get on the waiti...


European Open 2017 Registration Phase 3

Update! European Open 2017 is now full. Waiting list registration will start in a few days. Only wild card spots remain at the moment. We took a timeout due to technical issues before continuing with the waiting list registration.


Disc Golf Metrix is now available for everyone

Disc Golf Metrix live scoring service has been released to public this week! This allows everyone to keep track of their rounds and get detailed statistics from competitions using the same Metrix stats that you are already familiar with from the Disc Golf World Tour.