Celebrating 100 Years of Finnish Independency – EO2017 VRoc3 Fundraiser Release

The original European PDGA major, the Disc Golf European Open returns to Nokia Sports Centre DiscGolfPark in late July. Unlike in 2016, the European Open is back on it’s traditional time slot and once again carries the prestigious PDGA major status. There’s a lot to celebrate this year, as 2017 marks the 100th year of Finnish independency.

We wanted to highlight this impressive milestone with a very special EO2017 fundraiser release. The stamp design features the Finnish coat of arms lion graphic with a bit of a new twist. Also the traditional European Open logo has been renewed for 2017 to carry the roaring Finnish Lion.

And what disc would be more suitable for such release than the coveted Champion VRoc3 by Innova Discs. This very disc has been reserved as solely for DGWT / European Open fundraising and it’s previous editions has become highly collectable gems in private collections across the globe.

Highly collectable, amazing flyer

What many people don’t know about the VRoc3 though is that it’s very likely one of the best midrange discs in our sport. The best aspects of the number 1 midrange disc in the world, the Innova ROC, are combined with a highly torque resistant VTech rim configuration. The result is a midrange disc that has a ergonomic low profile and a straight as an arrow flight from start to finish and in just about all speeds. A true do-it-all disc for both backhand and sidearm.

We highly recommend to get yourself a pair of these beautiful VRoc3’s right when the sales start, as they are likely to sell out fast. By purchasing the EO2017 VRoc3 you support the 2017 Disc Golf European Open.

Release date Friday, May 19th

The release of the EO2017 VRoc3 will happen this Friday through the following Disc Golf World Tour fundraising partners:

Discmania Store USA (Worldwide shipping)

InnovaStore.fi (Ships to Finland)

InnovaStore.net (Ships to Sweden)

After the initial release date, there will be limited numbers of the European Open VRoc3’s available through selected European retailers.

The exact release times have not been disclosed at this time.