DGWT Qualification Rankings Update – March 20, 2017

The first Disc Golf World Tour qualification rankings update takes place right as the European Open 2017 registration is about to begin! Once again we see two very familiar names at the top: Ricky Wysocki and Paul McBeth as #1 and #2. Wysocki has continued the pace he set in the 2016 season by winning the first DGWT and National Tour events. With these two wins he has taken a convincing lead that keeps growing.

Another big winner in the rankings is Eagle McMahon who shot up four places from 7th to 3rd! Thanks to McMahon’s great performances early in the season he is gaining up on his countryman McBeth. Jeremy Koling is another US player who gains two places and is now ranked 7th – thanks to his great start on the 2017 National Tour. Pasi Koivu follows McMahon’s example and climbs up four places and makes the top 10 at 8th place, the 6th place finish at the Aussie Open 2017 contributes to his improved standing. Despite losing one spot in this update Seppo Paju is the highest ranked European player at 4th spot!

In this update the points of the 2016 Memorial Championship and La Mirada Open expired while points for the 2017 Aussie Open and Gentlemen’s Club Challenge were added. Check the rankings page for full rankings.

The next DGWT qualification rankings update is schedule for May 15th, right after Konopiště Open 2017. The next update features many more changes that are likely to cause some big changes in the rankings.

Top 100 invited to register in phase 1 for DGWT events

The current top 100 players in the DGWT qualification rankings will receive an invitation to register for the European Open 2017 in phase 1. The registration for the European PDGA Major of the 2017 starts today. See the registration schedule here.

DGWT standings and qualification rankings explained

Please note that the DGWT qualification rankings and the DGWT standings are two separate things. The DGWT rankings refer to the qualification rankings, which include several significant disc golf events, e.g. DGWT events, National Tour, PDGA Majors, and many more. Rankings are used for qualification for DGWT events and are not the actual standings of the DGWT. More information about the DGWT rankings and standings available on the points system and rules pages.

Please visit the players and standings page for the current Disc Golf World Tour standings.

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