Disc Golf Presidents Cup returns to Nokia!

The pinnacle team event in the sport of disc golf, returns to Nokia, Finland this Wednesday after a 2-year hiatus. The format of this event is a true exception, as while most of our sports top players almost solely concentrate on individual events, at the Presidents Cup the top players from both side of the Atlantic represent Team Europe and Team USA.

The captains are ready, the fan votes have been counted, the course is waiting and the team rosters have been set. At 15:00 (3PM) Finnish time, the action begins.

Meet the Teams

The majority 2017 Presidents Cup teams were determined based on performance on tour during the 2016 season. In addition to 2 women and 4 men that made the team based on 2016 continental rankings, one male player was selected to each team based on fan vote and another by captains choice. Also in addition to this, both team captains got to nominate one reserve player for their teams. See the team rosters below:

UPDATE: Juho Parviainen has witdrawn from the President Cup due to injury and Teemu Nissinen will take his spot. Team Europe’s reserve player will be Lassi Hakulinen.

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The format of the Presidents Cup contains two 9-hole laps at the extremely challenging European Open course. The first lap is played in groups of 4 and the player with the lowest score in his/her group earns 4 points for his/her team, the 2nd lowest score earns 2 points, 3rd lowest 1 point and the person with highest score is left without points.

The 2nd 9-hole lap of the event will be played as match play, man against man and woman against woman. The pairings will be made based numbers given to the players by the captains. In match play, the winner of a pair will earn a total of 3 points, while the loser is left without points. In the case of a tie, both players get 1,5 points.

After all points are counted together, the team with the most points wins the Presidents Trophy and international bragging rights. So far Team USA with their impressive roster of professional has been able to snag the victories from each edition of the Presidents Cup. This year Team Europe will surely be hungry to seal their first victory and we’re excited to see what the outcome will be!

During the Presidents Cup, you can follow the live scoring here, at DiscGolfMetrix.com

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