Disc Golf World Tour and Jomez for production agreement

Disc Golf World Tour and Jomez Productions have today agreed on Disc Golf World Tour’s European events. Disc golf fans will see high-quality 3-camera productions from Konopiste Open and European Open. Agreement is a natural direction on Disc Golf World Tour’s strategy to offer the highest quality coverage of the sport.

Disc Golf World Tour director Jussi Meresmaa is happy to sign this deal. “We have been working with Jomez Productions since 2015 and they can deliver. They have also been able to raise the bar every year and that is important for us and the Disc Golf World Tour. Professional disc golf is intense, high energy and very fun to watch. Therefore we want to bring more of their footage to our fans. We also want to support companies who support disc golf.

Jomez Productions will produce 3-camera round coverage from both Konopiste Open and European Open events. This is the first time a US crew will be sent to Europe to shoot coverage at this level.

We are very excited to be partnering with the Disc Golf World Tour for the 2017 European events! Being presented with the opportunity to lend our talents to the tour’s biggest events on an international stage is a dream come true. Just last year we were watching these events from Texas hoping that we could one day be involved. We are very grateful to be a part of such a dedicated media team!” Says Jonathan Gomez from Jomez Productions.

Jonathan Gomez (center) with the rest of the Jomez crew delivered quality footage from the 2017 Aussie Open. Photo: DGWT.

Jonathan Gomez (center) with the rest of the Jomez crew delivered quality footage from the 2017 Aussie Open. Photo: DGWT.

Since last year, Disc Golf World Tour has been setting the bar to round coverage videos in disc golf. With a partnership of Innova and SpinTV Disc Golf World Tour’s play-by-play videos have reached bigger disc golf audience than ever, where 75% of the viewers are coming from the US. Disc Golf World Tour will keep on developing their media strategy throughout the 2017 season.

The amount of work that goes into the various channels of a Disc Golf World Tour production is reflected in the incredible response from Disc Golf fans everywhere. They are very supportive of the content we produce and that support will in turn help promote the sport which will lead to bigger and better productions. I’m very excited to help broadcast the action from these events to fans all over the world!” Says Jonathan.

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