Discmania C-line CD3 – Konopiště Open Edition

The most recent Disc Golf World Tour fundraiser will drop on March 15th 2017. The CD3 is the first major Discmania release of the season and they anticipate this to be an immediate bestseller.

A new level of control

The long-awaited CD3 is finally here! Discmania set out to create a driver that was suitable for all walks of life and ended up with something even more special than that. Think of your favorite control driver and sprinkle in some added speed, glide, and a little bit of turn and you have yourself a CD3. Combine that with probably the most ergonomic rim configuration you’ve seen on a 11 speed driver and you’ll know this is a disc you’ll be opting for off the tee time after time.

Although it is great for beginning players and advanced golfers alike, the CD3 will find a home even in the bags of power throwers. You will find yourself reaching for it again and again for long tunnel shots, huge turnovers, gentle hyzers, and a soft finish on every throw. Some of our players even like it for a longer roller. You’ll be amazed with how easy the CD3 is to throw consistently.

We are proud and honoured to have Discmania dedicate the very first release of the CD3 to the first European Disc Golf World Tour event of the season, the Konopištĕ Open. We expect to see many of our athletes attacking the lengthy fairways of the Franz Ferdinand course with this new release.


Stamp design

The main element of the Konopiště Open stamp is a red deer, Cervus elaphus, a very common animal and traditional hunting game in Czech Republic. You can see these beautiful animals up close in the Konopiště Castle Park, where they have their own private area. The red deer has now become the centerpiece of the official event logo, and has also been featured in two earlier fundraiser disc stamps.


Don’t miss this release – sales start Wed March 15th

The official release date for this fundraiser item will be Wednesday, March 15th 2017. Every disc sold will directly benefit the Konopiště Open and Disc Golf World Tour. There are two separate releases: The highly collectible “Clear Diamonds”, that all come in clear/white colour and a ghost stamp and the 5 different coloured versions that come with an array of different stamps. All 200pcs of the Clear Diamonds have been individually numbered. Find out more in the Collector’s Guide below.

Collector’s Guide


The Konopiště Open CD3 will be available thru the following retailers:

Discmania Store (Worldwide shipping)
InnovaStore.fi (Shipping to Finland)
InnovaStore.net (Shipping to Sweden)
ProDiscGolf.cz (Czech online store)