Discmania McBeast PDx

In case you missed the first release of the Discmania PDx last November, here’s your chance to get your hands on this coveted disc. Presenting the Disc Golf World Tour Exclusive Edition McBeast C-line PDx.

The legendary First Run C-line PD’s had to make way in the bag, as the 4-time disc golf world champion Paul McBeth struck a liking to the PDx. That’s where the idea of a McBeast PDx came from. Designed by Finnish artist Tessa Astre, the bold portrait stamp is a true eye-catcher both on the wall and on the course! The detailed illustration portrays a half man – half beast Paul McBeth – or as he’s widely known – McBeast.


The Discmania PDx brings together the best of two worlds: The speed and overstability of Discmania’s meat hook driver PD2 and the controllability and versatility of Discmania’s possibly best known all-around pro-level driver, the PD. The PDx is the perfect hybrid of these two crowd favourites.

With the flight numbers 11, 4, 0, 3, the PDx is designed to perform reliably in all wind conditions both backhand and sidearm. It has an extra click of speed compared to the original PD and the base of its design comes from the highly praised first run of the C-line PD.

Since Discmania has dedicated this mold for Disc Golf World Tour fundraising, by purchasing this special DGWT McBeast disc, you’re supporting both the Disc Golf World Tour and Mr. Mcbeth himself!

Pro Tip: All past releases of the PDx have sold out in a matter of hours on both sides of the Atlantic. Here’s your chance to grab some of these elusive discs for your collection!

Where to buy?

USA – Innova Factory Store
Sweden – InnovaStore.net
Finland – InnovaStore.fi

In addition, a limited number of these discs are available in all Budget Sport retail stores in Finland.