European Open Mobile Caddie Book

In an effort to cut down our paper use at the European Open, we will not be handing out printed caddie books. Instead, we decided to release all maps as digital files.

Course changes

As you might have noticed, the course has changed slightly from last year’s European Open. Now, the previous hole 8 is played as hole 3. That means that previous holes 3-7 are now played as holes 4-8. In addition, the OB pond on hole 14 is now considered casual water, and not OB.

Below, you’ll find the course and hole maps as large jpg files. Feel free to download them on your mobile device or use them on-the-go at the course. You can also print them out, if you wish.

Downloadable Files:

Course Map
Hole 1
Hole 2
Hole 3
Hole 4
Hole 5
Hole 6
Hole 7
Hole 8
Hole 9
Hole 10
Hole 11
Hole 12
Hole 13
Hole 14
Hole 15
Hole 16
Hole 17
Hole 18

Gallery for online viewing: