First Set of Konopiště Open Wild Cards Issued

The first set of wild cards for the Konopiště Open 2017 was issued today. This batch includes a total of 11 wild cards, which leaves only two more remaining. Among the 11 recipients are 10 MPO players and one FPO competitor.

Here are the wild card recipients:

  • Eva Králová, FPO (CZE)
  • Bohdan Bilek, MPO (CZE)
  • Mikael Birkelund, MPO (DNK)
  • Leon Blanco, MPO (ESP)
  • Martin Frederiksen, MPO (DNK)
  • Henric Hagman, MPO (SWE)
  • Lars Jansson, MPO (SWE)
  • Das Loomis, MPO (USA)
  • Krystof Novak, MPO (CZE)
  • Anders Swärd, MPO (SWE)
  • Jakub Zdrahal, MPO (CZE)

All wild card recipients have been contacted by email about the wild card. If you’re among the 11 lucky players and haven’t received a wild card please contact the Disc Golf World Tour organization.

Registration ends in a week

The registration for the Konopiště Open ends next Thursday, on March 2nd. Players who meet the current rating requirements (900+ for MPO, 850+ for FPO) are welcome to register for the MPO waiting list and for the FPO division during this time.

Any untaken spots will be reallocated to the other division when the registration ends. At the moment two FPO spots would be reallocated to the MPO division and given to waiting list players.

The last wild cards will be issued by the end of March.

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