Follow the European Open Online!

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At Nokia, we have The SpinTV’s production crew making sure this historical event will be seen and heard both inside and outside the disc golf community. Naturally the best way to follow the action is to come see it for yourself. All tournament action is free to attend for spectators. If, however, you’re unable to make the trip to south of Nokia, there’s plenty of ways you can follow the event online.

Live Scoring

We will be providing live scoring from each tournament round. The scores of each group will be posted online after holes 3, 8, 11, 15 and 18. The lead group will feature live hole-by-hole scoring during each round. In addition to traditional scoring, we’re also collecting Disc Golf Metrix data from all rounds. The Metrix stats will be accessible only to our registered website followers and we highly recommend everyone to create a free account to access the full DGWT online experience.

Please note: The scoring page will be updated with round 1 groups before the round starts.

Daily Wrap-Up Videos

For those following the tournament at home, the daily wrap-up videos are a fast and easy way to catch up on action from each tournament day. Our daily wrap-ups will feature player interviews, Disc Golf Metrix stats analysis and footage from the day’s round. The daily wrap-up shows will be hosted the 2009 disc golf world champion Avery Jenkins.

Play-by-Play Videos

The SpinTV in cooperation with a local Finnish video production professionals will be producing lead card* Play-by-Play videos from each round the event. Additionally we’ll also produce Play-by-Play videos from the chase card’s final round.
*(During first round we’ll cover the feature card)

Social Media

We will have our staff on the field doing active social media posting throughout the tournament week. Our main social media channels are Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to give us a follow! Since there will be no live broadcast available from the event, we’ll make sure to give the social media audience an extensive coverage of happenings on the field in the form of photos and videos.

The Official European Open hashtags are #DGWT, #opendiscgolf and #EO2016. We encourage all players and followers to use these hashtags in their social media posts about the event.

News Articles

We have our own editorial staff posting stories from the event. We will post round recaps after each tournament round, as well as emerging stories as they appear. We also recommend following PDGA.com, AllThingsDiscGolf.com and UltiWorld for top notch online coverage of the Disc Golf World Tour.

Photo Galleries

At the European Open, we’re proud to have the highly talented Mr. Eino Ansio working behind the lens to capture the event. Eino’s previous work has been featured heavily at previous editions of the European OpenEuropean Masters and most recently at the Konopiste Open a month ago.