Innova Champion VRoc3 – Second Edition

This is the second set of the Disc Golf World Tour collectable discs. Grab one for your bag or the whole set for your collection, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

This Innova Champion DGWT La Mirada Open VRoc3 Edition is a piece of art. The main element of the stamp is the upward facing dove from the City of La Mirada official seal. The olive wreaths come from the city’s history and the rays symbolize the sun, which is an essential element when playing disc golf in Southern California. The single star in the center – which is also found in the flag of California – represents the first ever Disc Golf World Tour event. The logo entity is finalized with a retro style typography laid out as the outer circle.

Here’s our Pro Tip for the Innova VRoc3: You pick the line – it will do it. Give yourself the best possible chance to conquer courses by adding more accuracy, more control, more distance and the absolute consistency by putting the VRoc3 into your bag.

This variation of the Roc3 has technology named: Convex Tech. This tech allows for more consistent results at a wide range of launch speeds. With more torque resistance and less abrupt fade, this configuration gives players performance advantages right off of the shelf. Other Innova discs this technology: the Colt, Whale, VRoc, and Wombat. Discmania also uses this technology in collaboration with Innova in their FD (Fairway Driver) and P1x (Beaded Putter). This technology originally started with the Shark, Leopard, and Valkyrie. The great minds at Innova took the time to study the different flight characteristics these discs produced and stretched their best features to a reasonable extreme to produce the VRoc3.

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