Discmania Swirl S-line DDx – Konopiště Open Edition

UPDATE: The Konopiste Open Swirl S-line DDx’s sold out almost immediately. Stay tuned for a new DGWT fundraiser release on week 16.

The most recent Disc Golf World Tour fundraiser will drop on April 12th. Ever since the DDx was first announced by Discmania CEO Jussi Meresmaa early this year, the social media has been buzzing about this new Discmania distance driver.

Discmania took their Distance Driver (DD) and gave it a little something special that will help all levels of players get further down the fairway with more control. The DDx has a very fast flight with a high amount of glide with a mix of a little bit of turn and a steady, controllable finish.

Long flights for long fairways

We are proud to dedicate the very first release of the DDx to the very first European Disc Golf World Tour event, the Konopištĕ Open. The DDx offers a long and controlled flight path for a wide variety of players ranging from advanced to Pro level. We expect to see many of our athletes tackling the lengthy fairways of the Franz Ferdinand course with this disc come early May.


Konopištĕ Open Stamp Design

The main element of the Konopiště Open stamp is a red deer, Cervus elaphus, a very common animal and traditional hunting game in Czech Republic. The star symbol comes from the coat of arms of Benešov, the town where the Konopiště Castle – and course is located. The two small stars on both sides of the red deer represent the second Disc Golf World Tour event.

Oh, and did we mention these look absolutely awesome? We suggest you get one for the wall and one for the bag, because you wouldn’t want to throw your only one.

Don’t miss this release – sales start April 12th

The official release date for this fundraiser item will be Tuesday, April 12th. Every disc sold will directly benefit the Konopiště Open and Disc Golf World Tour.

The Konopiště Open DDx will be available thru the following retailers:

Discmania Store (Worldwide shipping)
InnovaStore (Ships to Finland & Sweden)
ProDiscGolf.cz (Czech online store)
Budget Sport (Select Finnish sporting goods stores)