Mahogany Glider – Aussie Open 2017 Swirly S-line DDx

Disc Golf World Tour is proud to partner with Discmania again in the 2017 season. The season is set to start off with a bang, as the first DGWT event of the year is scheduled already on the end of January. To be held from January 26th thru 29th at the Mundaring DiscGolfPark near Perth, WA, The Aussie Open is a flagship event for the Down Under disc golf scene.

The Aussie Open also doubles as the first PDGA Major of the 2017 season, which means that besides MPO, we’ll get to witness FPO and MPM divisions on the course at this fine event, alongside 2 Amateur divisions for the up and coming Aussie players. The registration for the event is open, and while there’s already some top talent on the player list, there’s still plenty of room for those ready start their disc golf year with an unique adventure on southern hemisphere!

We teamed up with two creative minds in the Aussie Open organization – Andrew Ferguson and graphic designer Suzanne Rope to create a set 3 very special artworks for the 3 very special discs in the 2017 fundraiser series. Each artwork in the series represents an iconic animals of the Australian wild.

The second release, set to go out on Tuesday the 20th, features the Mahogany Glider, an endangered Australian marsupial, on the fan favorite DDx in the delicious swirly S-line plastic. Read more about the Aussie Open discs and their artworks on the DGWT blog here!

Release Dates

Koala – Aussie Open 2017 C-line PDx

International release date December 5th, 2016

Mahogany Glider – Aussie Open 2017 Swirly S-line DDx

International release date December 20th 2016

Spotted Quoll – Aussie Open 2017 Swirly S-line PD

International release January 2017

Where to Buy?

The Aussie Open “Mahogany Glider” S-line DDx is available at the dealers listed below:

Discmania Store USA – International shipping

The Frisbee Shop – International shipping

InnovaStore.fi – Shipping to Finland

InnovaStore.net – Shipping to Sweden

Collector Guide

Find the collector guides for the 2017 Aussie Open fundraiser series above. Click the picture to enlarge.

More about the Aussie Open:

DGWT Event page

Aussie Open website