Player Spotlight Series, Part 3 : Simon Lizotte

The countdown to the March 10 opening of the Disc Golf World Tour at La Mirada continues, and so does our Player Spotlight Series.

Our third featured player is the world distance record holder and 2015 Ledgestone Insurance Open Champion Simon Lizotte:

You’ve been touring in the United States for two years now. What has been your favorite part of being on tour so far?

There are definitely a lot of favorites for me. But I would say my number one favorite is seeing so much of the world. I get to be at so many amazing places, and that’s what really makes touring so special.

What about the most challenging part?

The biggest challenge on tour for me is to keep focused and give 100 percent at every event. It’s tough being on the road for so long, changing beds every night, playing disc golf every day and competing against the same players almost every weekend.

After the grind of the touring season, what do you enjoy most about the off-season?

Of course I really like being back with my family and friends at home. But I have to say, the German food is a lot better than what I get out here.

What has preparation been like for the upcoming season, and what goals have you set?

Preparation was tough this winter. The weather was really bad, and going out into stormy, rainy and cold weather does not make that much sense. My goals are to play smart this year. Less showing off—I hope—and more safe play. My goal is always just to play well. If I play to my abilities, it will be tough to beat me.

You won your first National Tour at the Ledgestone Insurance Open last year. What was that feeling like?

It was a huge relief for me. I’ve been close so many times and finally got it over the finish line. Especially on a course that’s so crazy and has that many OBs, it felt amazing to get that win. I was very proud to be one of the two Europeans to ever win a big event like that in the States. I hope there will be more to come!

Are you taking down your own distance record this year? How far will it fly?

My 360 throws feel great at the moment, and if the conditions are good, I think there is a good chance to push the record out a little further. There will also be other great throwers out there, so I’m excited to see what’s going to happen. My dream is to break that 900 ft. mark. Who knows if that is possible. I think it is.

Playing in Europe for so many years, what are your thoughts about the Disc Golf World Tour on a global scale?

Knowing Jussi quite well and how he runs events, I’m very excited about the World Tour. The impact will be huge and people will realize the potential this great sport has. It will be “eye-opening” to the players, spectators and the media. We are moving in the right direction.

La Mirada is getting extended for the DGWT. What do you think about seeing a more challenging layout?

I have no idea what the course will look like yet. Extended doesn’t really mean more challenging. I hope it doesn’t get ruined by OB lines everywhere. I can’t wait to get out there and see what the whole team of organizers have done for this event. It will be a pleasure to be a part of the Disc Golf World Tour!

Thanks to Simon for taking chatting with us now that he has made it to sunny California. Keep checking the website for more exclusive interviews and all the latest news surrounding the Disc Golf World Tour.

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