Presidents Cup 2017 Captains’ Choices

Here are the latest additions to the Presidents Cup 2017 teams: captains’ choice players! Nathan Sexton joins the ranks of his countrymen in team USA and Seppo Paju reinforces the already formidable team Europe.

Here’s what the team USA captain, Dave Feldberg, has to say about his choice: “I have been playing against and watching this  player since he was a young teenager in Oregon. Consistency and commitment are the two words that best describe him as a player. I believe this honor should go to a journeyman of the sport every two years. Younger players will have their chance to earn it over their career. Nate has been very close before to being selected as captains choice in the past, but after his last two years of quality play and commitment to the PDGA Tour he was the clear choice. He is the highest rated player not in the team in attendance as well as he has not finished out of the top 6 on this year’s tour. His first top 5 finish in a Worlds was in 2009, so he has been competing well for almost a decade. Finally Nate is a great matchplay player, taking the time to compete in the largest match play events such as the San Diego Team invitational and other famous match play tournaments. With his consistency and experience he is a great addition to the USA team!

Seppo Paju fits well to the European team. Kari Vesala, the captain of team Europe, seems to value the same qualities as his colleague. Paju is as experienced as they come despite being in his early 20s and he is also a reliable player even in a sticky situation. Paju is no stranger to winning big events either – Junior’s World Champion, European Champion and Finnish Champion titles are proof of that. “Seppo is an easy choice. He is always a strong and dependable player and has played well through the season. What’s also important is that he really wants to be on the team and play for his team.” Vesala tells about his pick for team Europe.

Congratulations to Seppo Paju and Nathan Sexton! Welcome to Presidents Cup 2017!

Seppo Paju was the reserve player of team Europe. Teemu Nissinen takes his place as the reserve player for team Europe as the next player in the PDGA 2016 yearend continental rankings. Check the updated teams and more info on the Presidents Cup page.