Presidents Cup 2017 Captains

The disc golf community has spoken and we have the captains of the Presidents Cup 2017! David Feldberg is the captain of team USA edition 2017 and Kari Vesala will take the helm of team Europe.

Feldberg gathered 1115 votes, which is most out of all six candidates for both teams. By winning the elections he makes Presidents Cup history by being one of the two players who makes the team in all Presidents Cups to date. Vesala received 943 votes – the second highest amount out of all the candidates. Seems like the Finns really rallied behind their countryman! Both captains really deserved their place in the team and can step in the captain’s shoes with confidence.

Congratulations to both captains and thank you to all other candidates: Avery Jenkins (USA), Das Loomis (USA), Andreas Gertsh (EUR) & Premysl Novak (EUR)!

Next up: Captain’s choice players

The captains start their duties almost immediately with the captain’s choice players’ selections. The captains’ choices will be published in one week on June 20th. Stay tuned!

Everything you need to know about the Presidents Cup 2017 is available here.