Register as a DGWT Follower – Win Discmania Goodies!

How’d you like 100 bucks worth of new plastic from Discmania? If you’re in luck, as a registered Disc Golf World Tour follower you may score a Discmania prize package delivered to you free of charge!

The best way to follow the World Tour events is by registering as a website follower. As a registered user of the DGWT website you’ll gain access to the complete Disc Golf Metrix data of all DGWT tournaments. We’ll also give our followers a heads up when new major DGWT releases are about to drop, to make sure they have the best chance to score the exclusive items.


After the Aussie Open week, we’re raffling a Discmania goodie bag worth at least $100 among all registered followers of discgolfworldtour.com. All you have to do for your chance to win is to register right here! All pre-existing followers are automatically part of the raffle.

The raffle will happen on the week following the Aussie Open and we’ll contact the lucky winner directly via email.

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