Spotted Quoll – Aussie Open 2017 Swirly S-line PD

The new season is almost here as the Aussie Open kicks off the Disc Golf World Tour 2017 next week! Discmania, a Disc Golf World Tour partner, has provided us with another sweet fundraiser disc, the legendary PD. This is the third and last release of the Aussie Open fundraisers and completes the set for many of the DGWT collectors out there.

We teamed up with two creative minds in the Aussie Open organization – Andrew Ferguson and graphic designer Suzanne Rope to create a set 3 very special artworks for the 3 very special discs in the 2017 fundraiser series. Each artwork in the series represents an iconic animal of the Australian wild.

The third release, set to go out on Friday the 20th, features the Spotted Quoll, mainland Australia’s largest carnivorous marsupial, on the fan favorite Discmania PD in the delicious swirly S-line plastic. Read more about the Aussie Open discs and their artworks on the DGWT blog here!

Release Dates

Koala – Aussie Open 2017 C-line PDx

International release date December 5th, 2016

Mahogany Glider – Aussie Open 2017 Swirly S-line DDx

International release date December 20th 2016

Spotted Quoll – Aussie Open 2017 Swirly S-line PD

International release January 20th 2017

Where to Buy?

The Aussie Open “Spotted Quoll” S-line PD is available at the dealers listed below:

Discmania Store USA – International shipping

InnovaStore.fi – Shipping to Finland

InnovaStore.net – Shipping to Sweden

Collector Guide

Find the collector guides for the 2017 Aussie Open fundraiser series above. Click the picture to enlarge.

More about the Aussie Open:

DGWT Event page

Aussie Open website