Follow the USDGC 2017 – DGWT Tour Championship online!

USDGC 2017 Quick Links

There’s a lot to keep up with during this year’s USDGC, which is again the finale for the Disc Golf World Tour. Between USDGC.com and DiscGolfWorldTour.com you’ll find everything you need and more to stay in the know. Here is a quick run-down on what you can expect during the 2017 US Championship:

Follow the Round

Live Scoring

Live Scoring will be updated throughout each of the Championship rounds. Many of the top groups will be covered on a hole-by-hole basis.

Live Scoring Videos

Located inside the Live Scoring page, Live Scoring Video display how top players scored a hole with clips via Instagram. Catching up on big moments is easy and fast because there’s no delay in between a player’s shots.  Small camera icons will indicate video coverage of the hole.

Social Media

Keeping abreast of the event and all its happenings on social media is super easy. We’ll be flooding the Facebook and Instagram accounts for the USDGC, Disc Golf World Tour, and Innova Disc Golf.

You will find an abundance of updated posts, highlight videos, alerts to fresh content and more. The official hashtags for this year’s event are: #USDGC2017 and #DGWT.  Rest assured, if anything goes down, our media crew will have it covered.

Facebook Live

While there is no “traditional live stream” at this year´s event, stay tuned to our Facebook page for segments of live video of round action commented by 2009 World Champ Avery Jenkins, who’s also no stranger to the twists and turns of the Winthrop Gold Course.

More Video

The SpinTV’s Play-by-Play Lead Card Coverage

If it’s a big event, it’s usually covered by The Spin TV. The Spin TV production crew is joined with the number one disc golf video professionals, the Jomez Pro, to provide Play-by-Play front nine and back nine coverage that reveals the entire round of the top cards in a snappy, edited format.

Even More Video

USDGC 2017 Series

The USDGC is more than just what happens from holes 1 through 18. This year, a group made up of members of The Spin TV and Central Coast Disc Golf will be crafting video stories that go further into what makes the USDGC a favourite among fans and players. Look for these stories to be posted regularly as well.

Stats You Can Use

Get a deeper look of why a player finishes so well with our Metrix stats system.

barsby metrix2

Don’t forget to check out DGWT’s in-detail player profiles that give faces to all of the athletes on the field. You no longer have to register to view the stats, which makes it even easier to see how your favourite players have performed.


Both at USDGC.com and here on the World Tour website, you can count on news stories, player and staff profiles, post-round recaps, Winthrop Gold Course updates, the official Caddy Book (PDF), and a variety of other information past and present.

Photos Galore

Disc Golf World Tour’s talented photographers can capture the event like no other. Look forward to seeing updated galleries of Winthrop Gold .

So go ahead, get your fill of USDGC and DGWT from all of the above sources. When it comes to the main event this year, there’s no lack of information.