European Open 2017 – 1st Set Of Wild Cards

Today we handed out the first batch of wild cards for the European Open 2017. This set includes seven wild cards – leaving a total of six wild cards still available if you include the one reserved for the best player of the European Amateur Open.

Here are the wild card recipients:

  • Luke Butch (USA)
  • Martin Doerken (DEU)
  • Per Gylle (SWE)
  • Benedikt Heiß (DEU)
  • Daniel Koivunen (SWE)
  • Rhys Kruger (AUS)
  • Toad McReynolds (USA)

All wild card recipients have been contacted by email about the wild card. If you’re among the seven players and haven’t received an email invitation to the European Open please contact the Disc Golf World Tour organization.

The direct registration for the event has ended. The last wild cards will be issued by the end of June. Apply for a wild card here.

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