Disc Golf World Tour Website Updated

Disc Golf World Tour website was updated this week. The most remarkable change is that the Disc Golf Metrix data was relieved and it is now available for all users. There’s no need to log in to view the full stats players’ performances any more! All other content that required followers to log in is now readily accessible – there’s no need to log in after the change.

Hole videos

Another thing related to live scoring and stats to receive an update is the new camera icon in the hole scores. The camera icon designates a hole with an instagram video available of the player’s performance. Just click or tap the hole with a camera icon on it and view the clip. These play-by-play videos are uploaded straight from the course during the tournament rounds with only a little delay. So tune in during the Disc Golf World Tour events to view how your favorite player tackled a specific hole.

Check the Aussie Open 4th round scores for videos! You can also revisit any of our old events starting from the European Masters 2016 and watch hole specific videos.

Improved performance, content flow and security

Other improvements include enhanced site security features and the latest event specific content feeds to the event pages better than before. Since viewing the Metrix stats was the primary reason to log in we removed the ability to login from followers. This means that followers will no longer be able to log in or create an account to discgolfworldtour.com. This was done to improve the site’s performance – especially during the tournament rounds when the site is under a heavy load.

Players can still log in to manage their profile and to read the player news that focus mostly on event specific information important to players only. A separate player newsletter has been sent about the update. Disc Golf World Tour event participants will be invited to create an account on the website from now on.

Sharing Player Profiles

One great new feature brought by all these changes is the shareability of player profiles from discgolfworldtour.com. You can now easily share player profiles by just copying & pasting the address of the player profile. Check all Disc Golf World Tour players and their standings in 2016 and 2017 here.

That’s about it for this update. Tune in and enjoy Disc Golf World Tour action from Konopiste Open on May 12-14 more conveniently than ever before!

Disc Golf Metrix available for everyone

While we’re on the subject – the Disc Golf Metrix is now available as a free service for all disc golfers. Anyone can create an account and start tracking their scores and stats just like in the Disc Golf World Tour events.

Check the full info on Disc Golf Metrix web app here. Or register directly at discgolfmetrix.com. Register by April 24th and you can win a DGWT C-CD3 Thrower Edition disc!