DGWT Qualification Rankings – May 16, 2017

In the wake of the Konopiště Open comes the second Disc Golf World Tour qualification rankings update of 2017! This one includes some big chances of which most notable is the rise of the Americans to the top 10.

The top 3 remains the same from March update with Ricky Wysocki in a comfortable lead after winning another Disc Golf World Tour event and finishing in the top 3 at the first two PDGA National Tour events. Paul McBeth is putting up a good fight though with Glass Blown Open victory and podium finishes in all 2017 events included in the DGWT rankings. Eagle McMahon completes our top 3. He has racked up points nicely in the early season at the Aussie Open and Gentlemen’s Club Challenge. Also, his strong late 2016 season also lends to his robust haul of DGWT ranking points.

Ricky Wysocki celebrated another DGWT event victory for 2017 last week at the Konopiště Open. Photo: Eino Ansio.

US players storm the top 10

Other US players are shooting up in the rankings and Nate Sexton at our new 4th ranked player spearheads the charge. Sexton’s solid early season wins him seven spots in this update! Jeremy Koling follows suit as #5 and now top 5 are all from the birth country of disc golf. Nikko Locastro (#7) and Paul Ulibarri (#8) climb the rankings like their countrymen bringing the number of US players in top 10 to seven.

Juho Parviainen is the only non-American player who retains his position and wedges himself between the septet at 5th spot. Parviainen gathered a hoard of points in the late 2016 EuroTour that in combination with European Championships 2017 silver medal keep him in the top 10 despite his sluggish start in the 2017. Teemu Nissinen is another European player to hold his position in the top 10 as our #9 and Pasi Koivu is the third Finn & European in the top 10 as #10, even though he fell a couple spots.

Juho Parviainen is the highest ranked European player at 5th spot. Photo: Eino Ansio.

Cause to the rise of the Americans

The DGWT qualification ranking points system was reworked for this season. National Tour events yield higher amount of points to a greater number of players. Together with the decreased number of EuroProTour events – down from 10 in 2016 to six events in 2017 – more points go to players who actively attend events in the National Tour, rather than the EuroProTour.

In this update the points of the 2016 Konopiště Open, Dutch Open, Copenhagen Open, Battle at Bluebell Woods, Glass Blown Open and Kansas City Wide Open expired. Points for the 2017 Konopiště Open and Glass Blown Open were added. Check the rankings page for full rankings.

DGWT standings and qualification rankings explained

Please note that the DGWT qualification rankings and the DGWT standings are two separate things. The DGWT rankings refer to the qualification rankings, which include several significant disc golf events, e.g. DGWT events, National Tour, PDGA Majors, and many more. Rankings are used for qualification for DGWT events and are not the actual standings of the DGWT. More information about the DGWT rankings and standings available on the points system and rules pages.

Please visit the players and standings page for the current Disc Golf World Tour standings.

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