Welcome to follow the top disc golf athletes compete in the inaugural Disc Golf World Tour event! The main attraction are the sport’s brightest stars who will amaze the fans with their feats through the 3-day tournament. The La Mirada Open is a family friendly event: there’s a playground located in the center of the course. Fans don’t have to settle to just watching the players the La Mirada Gold Course open for all disc golfers on Sunday.

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Course & Area Map
Tournament Center
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Course & Area Map

All important locations of the event are included in the course map. Downloadable course map will be published on Sunday, March 6th.

Tournament Center

Tournament center is the heart of the event. It hosts the pro shop, info, and toilets. The playground is right next to the tournament center as well. The pro shop boasts with a well-stocked selection of disc golf equipment, including rarities and DGWT merchandise. Beverages and snacks are also available at the pro shop. For more sturdier meals there are plenty of restaurants close to the venue.

The address of the tournament center is: La Mirada Community Regional Park, 13701 Adelfa Dr, La Mirada, CA 90638. Check the opening times of the tournament center from the schedule.


Live scores of each La Mirada Open player will be available on all three tournament days on the Disc Golf World Tour website.

Pro Shop

There will be several vendors at the event. The West Coast Disc Golf Pro Shop offers a broad array of disc golf equipment to suit the needs of even the most demanding disc golfer out there. Disc Golf World Tour merchandise will be launched on the eve of the event and those will be available at the La Mirada Open DGWT shop. Don’t forget to pick up some of the DGWT partner DUDE’s high-quality disc golf apparel from their shop either.

Spectator Sunday

The World Tour spectators don’t have to settle to just watching their favorite players. The course is open for public on Sunday, March 13th. The course opens at 9 AM and disc golfers can enjoy the La Mirada Gold Course on a first-come first-served basis. The pro shop opening hours on Sunday are 10 AM – 6 PM. You can show your support to the DGWT and the tournament organization with a donation and grap a course map and scorecard with you when embark on your Sunday round. Stop by at the tournament center to say hello!


Be careful. Even the best players make mistakes. You should look out and keep an eye on the discs, especially when you’re close to the fairway. If you notice a dangerous situation warn others by yelling loudly. (FORE!)

Be mindful to others. Only use the marked paths and channels. The course is set in a public park and there might be people who aren’t there for the disc golf event.

Keep fairways clear. Please don’t go on the fairways when players are playing the holes. Please don’t move if you’re in a player’s field of vision when he/she is throwing or concentrating on his/her throw. Keep quiet and turn your devices on silent or off – especially if you’re close to the players. Don’t use flash when you take photos.

Autographs. You’re welcome to greet the players and ask for their autographs but please do so after their rounds when they have turned in their scorecards. The best place is near the tournament center.


La Mirada Disc Golf Course, CA, USA

La Mirada Community Regional Park, 13701 Adelfa Dr, La Mirada, CA 90638


West Coast Disc Golf

Promoter: Jeff Spohr


  • World Tour Event

    10 Dec 2015

    Field: 144 players

    Format: 3 x 18 holes

    Category: WT2

    WT Points: 500 points

    Purse: $20,000

    Winning share: $2,500