La Mirada Open Voices: Round One

We had our reporter in the field catching quotes from the players as they returned from their Thursday rounds.
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Paul McBeth

Overall : -11
Position: 1

“I didn’t play that great. I had a lot of sloppy play. I made up for it with the outside the circle putts. If I can clean it up a little bit, I can make it a little easier on myself.”

Dave Feldberg

Overall : -4
Position: T-12

“I have never been more hurt than I am right now. I’m doing this because it is a World Tour event and I only played last week at the Memorial because it is by my house. I have to go to the doctor next week to get some internal medicine stuff done. It’s something with my organ by my stomach and it is causing my shoulders to roll forward. I can’t lift my shoulders and I don’t warm up like I normally do. I can make it through most courses, but this course is too long. I made it through about Hole 13 and my arm was jelly.”

“I’m going to give it another try, but if I feel the same way when I get to Hole 13 and I can’t throw, then I probably need to pull out. I’ve never DNF’d before.”

Ricky Wysocki

Overall : -8
Position: 5

“That round didn’t feel too great. I ended up with too many bogies and just a pair of pars. It was either birdie or bogey. I just need to keep it smooth sailing in the next round. I feel confident about my game though and I think I’ll have a shot in the end.”

Catrina Allen

Overall : +1
Position: T-44

“This round felt ok. Not as consistent as I like to play. A little more up and down. It felt like every time I had a birdie I’d follow it with a bogey. I still have room for improvement and just need to make a few adjustments.”

Simon Lizotte

Overall : -10
Position: 2

“I could have shot eight birdies on the back, but fluffed two approaches which should have been easy for me after nice drives, but I guess I have to leave some room for improvement.”

Nate Doss

Overall : -3
Position: T-30

“This was a terrible round. The course is playing against me. Five OBs, four just slid out. Just can’t win when that happens. Need to battle through it and come back with two hot rounds. Frustrated today for sure. I won’t change anything though. You can’t help the bad breaks. Other than a few bad breaks, I feel like I played pretty well. I’m playing aggressive and I’ll keep that up.”

Nate Sexton

Overall : -3
Position: T-21

“I was a little up and down today with four penalty strokes. I battled back on the back nine with birdies on four of the final five to come back. The double bogey on Hole 13 hurt, but made a nice charge at the end. I want to keep things cleaner for round two. I was out of bounds twice at the Memorial and I already have four in one round here. If I tidy that up, I feel birdies will come.”

Nikko Locastro

Overall : -4
Position: T-12

“Course was playing challenging for me today. I missed quite a few opportunities and had a rough finish. I know I can do better over the rest of the tournament and can make up some strokes going into the next round. I know I can do better. If I have another round like that I won’t have a chance to win and I’d like to win this first World Tour event. I need to bring out the fire and shoot a red-hot round of disc golf.”

Will Schusterick

Overall : -4
Position: T-12

“Today didn’t feel amazing. Started out well, but went OB three holes in a row which I felt were decent shots, but were rollaways. I left four to five shots out there, but came back and played decent. I feel like this course is setup for the way I play. I feel confident, but I hope the 59 is the worst round I have this week.”

Jeremy Koling

Overall : -3
Position: T-21

“The course is there to shred and the conditions were nice, but the way I played the course frurstrated me. I was staying away from OB and was six under through 11 and it unraveled after that. I two-putted a few times coming in with some dumb bogies. I had a bunch of confidence coming into today and I’m a little hurt right now, but I’ll get over it.”

“This course really sets up for my strengths, but I just have to go low the next two days.”

Zach Melton

Overall : -9
Position: T-3

“Really happy with how I played today. Much better than my practice rounds. Only had two bogies on Hole 9 and 17 with some OB shots. I had the ideal start though. That was me playing as clean as I could be. I was very happy with that start. I didn’t have to push it either. Just threw great shots.”

Paul Ulibarri

Overall : -3
Position: T-21

“Slow start with a couple bad breaks. I fought through it and got into a little roll with a few birdies. Then a few bogies before finishing well. I should’t be too far off the lead in the end.”

Patrick Brown

Overall : -6
Position: T-8

“This round felt good. I started off a little slow. I should have worked out the jitter bugs yesterday, but they stuck with me today. I just had some bad breaks down the stretch. I didn’t feel as good finishing, but its a good first step in the direction of the World Tour.”

“I’m going to get up earlier tomorrow and work off some of this energy and throw until I feel mellow.”

Drew Gibson

Overall : Even
Position: T-37

“Didn’t play my best, but shot even for the day. Could have been better, could have been a lot worse. Saved some shots though. I won’t change things up though. I threw good shots, but didn’t execute my upshots that well.”

Philo Brathwaite

Overall : -7
Position: T-6

“Beating myself… it’s no fun. Made mistakes that I haven’t been making. Two putts inside the circle that I should have made. Those were frsutrating. Two stupid penalties hurt too. Game plan stays the same tomorrow, execution needs to be better.”